8th Annual Benefit Event "By Name of Childhood" Sept 16th, 2014
THE SAVIOUR has successfully conducted its 8th annual charitable event “By Name of Childhood” in Belarus on September 16th 2014.

The event took place at the Orphans House for Children with Physical Disabilities in Ivenets, Mogilev district, Belarus. The theme of this year was “The history of ancient Belarusian musical instruments”. 78 children permanently living in that Orphans House attended the event. Many of them weren’t able to walk themselves and had to use wheel chairs.

The interactive spectacle – a fairy tale about the poor musician and his love – was created and performed by famous Belarusian artists Aksana Sprynchan, Yarash Malischeuski, 9-year-old Alzhbeta Malischeuski, and Regina Bagamolava, the members of “Art -Studio”. The musician not only showed children different ancient musical instruments, but also played them. Children were able to learn a lot about history of Belarusian music, ask questions and lively participate in the show.

As a thank gesture, children had prepared and performed several musical acts for representative of our foundation. The dance in the wheel chairs which ended the official part of the event was beautifully performed by two children Katia Zakhaveeva and Vadim Strelskiy. Nobody could hold tears watching that amazing and heart-piercing dance.

In addition to the wonderful show, The Saviour brought other gifts: candies, cookies, fruits for every kids that were eaten after official part, and also – clothing and toys that were delivered right from the USA by Katsiaryna Foronda, the vice president of The Saviour, and then distributed among children.

The director of the Orphans House, Elena Sigizmundovna Petrashkevich, as well as other staff expressed deep gratitude for everything done by The Saviour at that visit. Our representative Katsiaryna Foronda also thanked the staff and kids for the warm reception and promised to visit them again with new program and new presents.

The Belarusian press about us: www.svaboda.org/content/article/26605295.html
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