An African Affair: Humanitarian Mission to Benin. December 2012.
Dear All,

We would like you to know that in December 2012 "The Saviour" fund's representatives had visited one of the poorest African country Benin with the humanitarian mission. The goal was to discover real needs of Beninese and residents of neighboring landlocked countries, such as Niger, Mali, and to provide initial support and assistance by distributing donated clothing and food and conducting the first educational awareness-raising reading.

We are proud to state that our humanitarian mission to Benin was accomplished and our project "An African Affair" was launched successfully.

We would like to thank those of you who helped us in our initiative. Special thank from "The Saviour" fund to Ms. Natalia Kirik, Ms. Nicole Saison, Mr. Allen Lafleur, Dmitry Epifanov and Gregory Manaenkov.

"The Saviour" Fund.
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