By name of the Childhood. Action # 2 "Adult Children".
This is the second action from «By name of the Childhood», which was conducted by «The Saviour» Fund in Belarus. We named it «Adult Children», because people, we met in Tarasovo village of the Minsk region, are not just kids. There in the House of Social Serving are live and work children and adults with physical and mental restrictions. Children from whole Republic come there for work therapy. Age is from 8 till 30 years. All children devised by group up to 12 persons in each.

The House of Social Serving was established 5 years ago, in 2005, and exists on donations. Parents don’t pay treatment of children. The main goal of House is a formation of social orientation and psychological and pedagogical support of those of "adult children" who are here.
Representatives of «The Saviour» Fund in Belarus have arrived in Tarasovo before International Children’s Day, which is celebrated by mostly countries on June 1st. They have brought saplings more than 30 names of flowers and planted them together with children. Also, they organized a “sweet table” and a concert of the bard Julia Mitko.
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