summer bike #bestsummerever

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    1. -*JML- 67 months ago | reply

      absolutely beautiful way to remember the summer :)

    2. prissynme 67 months ago | reply

      bikes are the bestest!

    3. Precious Roy 67 months ago | reply

      cool collection!

    4. dreamer@desh 67 months ago | reply

      Excellent, i like it!

    5. JukeBox_._ 67 months ago | reply

      Oh I love that last photo! In Holland we don't mind cycling to work with high-heels or cycling to a party with fancy clothes on! :)

    6. The 10 cent designer 67 months ago | reply

      Joyce Latham nicolle :)
      Jessica L totally!
      prissynme true
      Precious Roy thanks
      Noor Kadir (rana) :)
      E. Vieira yes, I just wear whatever I want now. heels are easier to cycle in than walk in!

    7. Le Fabuleux Destin d'Amélie 67 months ago | reply

      love this! bikes are great :)

    8. jeanine.stewart 67 months ago | reply

      oh my freaking lord, these are awesome!!!

    9. nardell 67 months ago | reply

      Wheely, wheely, good. ;)

      Okay - fantastic, gorgeous, wonderful shots all. Love the bit of fade in the color, and the style you (and friends) bring to the bikes.

    10. The 10 cent designer 67 months ago | reply

      georgia.g I will be there
      Jason Auch you need to ride with me!
      Bonita yes, I love my bike(s)
      Jeanine Stewart :) thanks J
      ralph teehee, thanks nardell!

    11. Studio Bohème 67 months ago | reply

      Love this set !!

    12. Shari Diane 67 months ago | reply

      I think I've faved every single one of these on IG, so I must fave them here too. :)

    13. emdot 67 months ago | reply

      i loved the blog post. ;)

    14. emdot 67 months ago | reply

      Okay. So I gotta ask. How often do you wear a helmet and when? The helmet thing is the number one deterrent to me riding my bike to work. I get terrible helmet hair. It would mean having to restyle (completely) when I got to work (keeping a blow dryer and curling iron at work).

      I would love to not wear a helmet. I've talked to plenty of local bike people who tell me not to worry about it. My ride is only 20 minutes one way. But... I dunno. This is my sticking point.


      (p.s. I ride downtown without a helmet all the time; it's just the ride to work I worry about. no super busy streets. one tricky intersection.)

    15. The 10 cent designer 67 months ago | reply

      emdot I wear a helmet whenever I ride my mountain bike or my road bike. I don't wear it while I'm dressed in my city clothes on my cruiser. I ride my cruiser slow. on easy pathways and bike lanes. usually for short rides to the grocery store or out to dinner. Some people think you should always wear a helmet. I don't wear one when I longboard either.

    16. Raul Juan 67 months ago | reply

      A very sweet and beautiful composition with nice processing in all of shots.

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