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I was tagged by Charmaine. <3 Thanks, lol. Tagging everyone I haven't spoken to in forever.


1. Favorite Color?

Lime green. <3333333


2. Describe the background picture that’s on your phone.

It's one that comes with my phone already. o.o Lol.

It's blue… With things popping out of it.


3. Last movie you watched.

Colombiana with my family. I think we watched it a day after New Year's. That movie was great!


4. If you were an animal, what would you be?

Uhmmmm. I'm not really into animals, aha. But a lot of people would say they'd like to be a cat. No, not me. I'd like to be like… A panda. Because they're beautiful and everyone loves them. :D Well, except those who kill them, but those are just murderers. >_>


5. What is your favorite tv show? How long have you been watching it?

I LOVE watching Spongebob and Timmy Turner. I used to like watching Hey Arnold and stuff like that, but they took that off the air. -___- They lost so many fans. The channel, anyways. Not the show. But I barely watch tv anyways. Always on the internet. Internet > Tv. I started watching it... Since I can remember. Whoa, lol. I feel old.


6. Are you allergic to anything? If so, what?

I have a good immune system, and I'm not allergic to anything. So, lucky me.


7. Favorite song lyric?

Honestly, I'm not going to lie. I don't have a favorite song lyric. Only because I listen to everything, and usually I love a song as an entire thing. But as of now, I'm in love with the song "Cold" by Aqualung & Lucy Schwartz. So beautiful. <3333333333 And yes, I know, I didn't post lyrics. :p


8. Your dream vacation?

England would be a great place to visit, as Charmaine said. But so many people want to visit that. xD So, I'd like to go to Australia. POSSIBLY Peru, but only because I have a friend there. :D

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Taken on November 25, 2011