Crow ~ Raven

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    Last Weekend, while in my car, I came through an area in Vancouver that had literally hundreds and hundreds of crows flying above, lined on the telephone pole wires, in the trees, the raucous cawing was tremendous. In fact, they were very big and I believe they may be Ravens. Black and Shiny - and so intelligent.

    I thought it strange that in January the area was beeseached by crows. It made me think of Alfred Hitchcocks Thriller as I was stopped at a light, they were landing on the curbs and sidewalks. Flying by the hundreds and landing everywhere. Following that crow sighting, I keep seeing crows in various forms since last Saturday - yesterday and today!

    Interesting - and now I just remember I posted a Raven's Spirit head below - and that too was in the last week!

    Signs! Wonder what this one means?

    1. travelinfool55 62 months ago | reply

      wow wonderf what it does mean!

    2. Red~Star 62 months ago | reply

      We have crows in my neighborhood but not ravens. Both are highly intelligent birds. Although crows are extremely common....I only have a handful of pics of them on my stream....they are difficult to get close to. I would have loved to have seen the hundreds of crows ....
      Yes, maybe their presence is sending you a "sign".

    3. magstultz 62 months ago | reply

      i love watching the crows - they are so smart and funny!! i have a book called "ANIMAL SPEAK, The Spiritual & Magical Powers of Creatures Great & Small" by Ted Andrews... and, just a little paragraph of what he says about crows:

      Wherever crows are, there is magic. They are symbols of creation and spiritual strength. They remind us to look for opportunities to create and manifest the magic of life. They are messengers calling to us about the creation and magic that is alive within our world everyday and available to us.

    4. "M" PEARL 62 months ago | reply

      Thank you Maggie, I needed that!

    5. Anna Fonte (Girl in the Hat) 49 months ago | reply

      Hi-- What a lovely image! I wonder if I might use it on my non-commercial blog to illustrate one of my attempts to befriend my neighborhood crows. Of course, I would give you full credit and link to you here. see me at and let me know. Thanks!!

    6. Anna Fonte (Girl in the Hat) 46 months ago | reply

      Please excuse my lousy flickr etiquette, but I'd hate to mistakenly take silence for a "no" and of course I won't use it unltess you say "yes." I'd still love to use this image. Thanks!

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