Lemerle Mercurial Spun Silk (born July 13, 2003) joined The Pack as the first poodle puppy. Although the ridgebacks attempted to subvert him, they soon realized that he would always be a failure as a "brown dog." Mercury has a very serious soul. He worries and frets, and he's afraid of his shadow. Despite these minor strengths, he carries a huge heart, and once he gets to know you he'll be your biggest fan.

Mercury's nicknames are as plentiful as his mood swings. A few of these are: Monkey Boy, Puppykins (retired when he learned to use the stairs), Merkins Perkins, Mighty Merc, Scoo, Merkinator, Sweet Pea, Social Butterfly, Beautiful Girl, Merkles, Shmerc, Merkinstocks, Big Baby, Begger Boy, A Bit Much, Mercutie, Boo, Booger, Mercster, Brudder, Patient Prince, and most commonly Merc.

One of Mercury's goals is to have the most nicknames of any other Pack member. In most things he's tried, he becomes an over-achiever. When he first started agility his instructor suggested he get a frontal lobotomy to reduce his tendency to out think the thinking team-member. Mercury has since retired from agility due to his teammate's lack of patience.

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