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adventure | by iecrazylately
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all summer should have felt like last night. transformation, rejuvenation, adventure. a breath of pure, clean mountain air in a way that screams, “here, you are home.” no matter how many years, how many miles, how many of our best friends’ breakups, you still feel like yesterday, so easy....maybe getting to know and falling in love with and coming home to are the same thing, but in different stages, different degrees. all of them are just freedom, contentment, security. like the first night we met, scouring the house to no avail, but refusing defeat, you boil me a toothbrush. like holding my hand for comfort while we traverse the deadly walls of university brownstone. like you have so many of the same mannerisms as someone i used to know, but the similarities separate you from him rather than align you. like you never giving up on me when your best friend did, even though he knew me better at the time. and like if we both sit down we can probably make it all the way around once, and i never have to explain myself before you understand.


maybe the adventures we seek are not out in the world, but locked inside the turgid hearts of those we meet along the way. thank you for being my adventure last night.

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Taken on August 23, 2008