The Man They Call Adam

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    Adam Baldwin (the man they call Jayne) shows up at the Burbank Hilton of his own volition after learning that Booster Events had cancelled Flanvention. He hung out in the bar for several hours.

    The story behind this photo: After making a run online to update people on what was happening here, I went to the bathroom. Moments after I began to urinate, I heard this enormous roar erupt from the lobby. My first thought: Someone just arrived.

    I hurried back to the lobby to see who it was and walked into a rousing chorus of The Man They Call Jayne. That answered that question.

    I ran to the table where my stuff was to grab my camera, only to discover I had my short lens on. I rushed to switch to the other, and got off four shots, including the one above, the only useful one.

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    1. JannaLou 90 months ago | reply

      Yay Adam!

      I hope the weekend is fun, regardless - I know I'd still be there if I'd had tickets!

    2. carencey 90 months ago | reply

      that is awesome! i wasn't supposed to travel out until tomorrow so I am not going to try for the trip, but it's nice to see this. :)

    3. fallenwiccan [deleted] 90 months ago | reply

      i have friends there from the UK im so glad someone showed for you lot, take care and have fun everyone

    4. DanaRane 90 months ago | reply

      Adam rocks. First class all the way. =)

    5. ArtemisPrime 90 months ago | reply

      Adam is such a cool guy for going to the Bash. As my friend said, he's "one classy act". Thanks, Adam!

    6. The One True b!X 90 months ago | reply

      FYI, when he arrived, Adam said that he'd talked to Nathan. They and the local Browncoats are trying to put something together for Saturday afternoon.

    7. Gracefullally 90 months ago | reply

      Hey, b!x, I re-uploaded the photo so it could be posted (credited back to here) on the be_victims community on LiveJournal and not kill the bandwidth here.

      Adam is a class act. This was very awesome of him.

    8. gingasnaps [deleted] 90 months ago | reply

      My sister Vally said it all. Adam, you are a class act. You really came through for all the fans when they thought it was completely over, like a true hero. You are someone to be admired and respected among Hollywood and all over for your generosity and kindness.
      Thanks to 'The one true b! X' for posting this blog and picture!!

    9. Tvini [deleted] 90 months ago | reply

      Wow, what a stand-up guy! That's phenomenal! I already had a high opinion of the man, this just raises it further.

      I had several Browncoats who bought Jayne hats specifically because they were going to see Adam. That's wonderful that he came! I'm sending some Jayne hat money to the Backup Bash. Keep flying, guys!

    10. Kelleah's Gallery 90 months ago | reply

      I hope you washed your hands before you grabbed that camera, mister! j/k :-P

      That's great. I'm so happy to hear the BDHs are going to try to do something to make this the best con under seriously bizarre circumstances. Adam is The Cool. I heart him.

    11. 90 months ago | reply

      what a peach of a guy !

    12. Mel Hill Photography 90 months ago | reply

      I'm sure he's nice now but having known Adam since he was in second grade I can tell you that he was a bully until highschool. His tough guy roles are very close to the kid I grew up with in Winnetka. Call it whatever you want but he's not acting from what I know of the guy. Every role I've seen him in since his first movie "my bodyguard"
      has him at the tough guy and guess what.... that's what he was since second grade.... FWIW, I wish him well but don't call his tough guy routine acting....

    13. mycroft_001 90 months ago | reply

      I don't know what Adam was like as a kid but he is most definately
      a good man. That picture of him showing up to entertain
      fans that have been seriously screwed over is just one of
      many thoughtful gestures I have seen him make of the last few years.

      He is a real class act.

    14. NMCIL 90 months ago | reply

      Great "one that almost got away" photo story - nice shot

    15. Clayton's kid 89 months ago | reply

      The best thing about "Firefly" is that it's cast is made up of superb actors and, difficult as it is to single one person out, Adam is a joy to watch for anyone who appreciates good acting. Thanks for sharing this pic.

    16. barbara.gormley 81 months ago | reply

      Great photo of "Jayne" and I hope you joined Adam in the bar after taking this picture.
      A question for Adam. You and Ami have 3 children but only Devlin Shepard's name is mentioned. Who are your other 2 children? Boys? Girls? A boy and a girl? When were they born?

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