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Reflecting Total Awesomeness...143/365 | by AndYaDontStop
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Reflecting Total Awesomeness...143/365

I'm going to come clean once and for all.


I admit it.


I'm a lurker.


Of the countless amazing photostreams on Flickr, there are very few of them that I check in on and admire work, but never seem to leave a comment or anything. It's one of those unexplainable things, but I'm going to just apologize and move on. Reflecting Truth, aka Katie Lee, is an incredible photographer about to finish her 365 journey. She is one of the creative best on Flickr...a Rosie Hardy of the working class in a way, because although she can utilize Photoshop like the best of them, she tends to be much more down to earth than pure fantasy. Her stream is one of the first 365's that got me interested in doing my own, in particular the picture I'm emulating right now.


I think we can all relate to the frustration that is the mystery of Explore. It's the conundrum of "Who Cares?"...."I do"...."But Shhhhh, don't tell anyone because it's not supposed to be a big deal!". We want to see our pictures on there, but we don't really know why. How do you understand something that you can't explain? Some shots get 80 comments and 35 faves and 200 views and make it, and some shots get 21 views, 5 comments and no faves and make it....WTF? Is there an answer? Most likely, NO.


Anyway, Katie's picture is one of those that apparently didn't make it...even after an incredible 232 comments, 379 faves, and...wait for it...over 11,000 views!!! But she has over 200 photos that did make it, and that's because she is truly awesome at what she does, regardless of what the Donkey says :)


For Theme Of The Week - "Copycat Your Favorite 365 Shots" and for FGR's "Flickr Frustrations" group choices.


Hope everyone has a Supersonic Weekend!!!

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Taken on January 10, 2009