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The Union's New Navy, Part Three: BN-3 Rainbow | by Awesome-o-saurus
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The Union's New Navy, Part Three: BN-3 Rainbow

Megalomania runs rampant in the Pacific Union... Except we actually have the means to make our delusions come to life. Fleet Lord Brooks decided the BN-1 Strix just didn't cut it, and had his brother Governor Brooks commission the Rainbow-class battleship. Lawdy lawdy, what monster have we created this time?


The Rainbow-class is moderately useful at best, impractical at worst, though she packs a hell of a punch. At 630 feet long, she bears four 17-inch guns, four eight-inch guns, twenty-eight AA guns of the bolter and 20mm rotary variety, five SAM launchers with four missiles apiece, and twenty-three VLS tubes with ten missiles to a revolver each, not to mention the eight torpedo tubes below the water line! Her magazines are heavily armored, and it takes two nuclear reactors to make her go. The Union Navy does not recommend any more than four maximum of these ships to be produced, and even then, not to send them into battle without air cover and plenty of support. Governor Brooks realizes it is far more practical to spend money on Lyras, Blossomforths, and Flitters when it comes to non-carrier ships. The Rainbow is also more manpower-intensive than her smaller counterparts, requiring a crew of 400.


Note: This ship's scale is slightly smaller than the previous four you've seen, but still pretty close. My next ship is going to be at an even smaller one, though it should turn out roughly the same physical size as this.



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Taken on August 7, 2012