Parking Lot, 10th Ave

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  1. Spanish Coches 33 months ago | reply

    The XC60 looks great.

  2. Datsun_Man 33 months ago | reply

    When I read the article I had a feeling the pic came from you :D Neat old Saab 900 in the back.

  3. nlpnt 33 months ago | reply

    I've tagged several.

    This lot skews upscale - parking in Manhattan must be pricey - but the Saab's not the only well-kept oldie, peep the maroon E100 Corolla behind the Volvo.

  4. Datsun_Man 33 months ago | reply

    I do like this generation corolla but I still see a fair number of these no matter where I go, including Manhattan.

  5. nlpnt 33 months ago | reply

    Me too, but most of them are beaters.

  6. Datsun_Man 33 months ago | reply

    Good point. It does look like it's in pretty good nick.

  7. Datsun_Man 33 months ago | reply

    As much as I agree with you that newer cars are getting more and more generic, I could say the same thing about the 1950's, 1960's, 1970's etc. Virtually every car in every decade was styled to look like every other car. I grew up in the 90's so these cars have been all around me. I suppose that's why I can differentiate modern cars like any other era....and I will say that certain manufacturers trademark styling became blander and more obscure by the 1980's.

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