Photo Tour of N.O.A.H.
Check out N.O.A.H.'s Amazing facility! The Lobby will welcome yu with brightly colored walls, soaring ceilings, and donated stained glass art.
Dogs are housed in one of the 17 glassed-in suites with heated floors, doggie doors to an outside run, hammock beds, and a visitor's chair.
Cats are in a separate wing and enjoy open-room colonys with attached screened-in sun porches plexiglass single space condos or two connected space duplexes.
Our Dog Training Arena is a 4,800 square foot versatile space inexpensively constructed in pole-barn fashion.
Off leash areas and a half mile trail open to the public will let you spend some quility time with your favorite Canine!
We're located North of Stanwood in Western Washington.

Photos by Neil Rabinowitz
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