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Album Cover Design Silhouetted (1st Draft) | by Douglas Cushnie
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Album Cover Design Silhouetted (1st Draft)

A possible album cover I just made from the studio shots. The final would have their faces blended in instead of silhouetted, which I had originally, but I really like this version from an art standpoint.




Image Appropriation Question:


The background was cropped out, faux-'vectorized,' colored and edited from an old movie poster of the film "Metropolis," by Fritz Lang. I feel like the adjustments are very significant and I've seen plenty of album covers and other art taken from appropriated material (think Warhol), but I was wondering whether anyone knew more about image appropriation and whether or not a design such as this would constitute copyright infringement (if a copyright is even still in place since the original was made in the 20's- the rights to the film itself have been bought but not sure about the poster) Thanks for any insight!!


update: I looked closer at the website ( and it's apparently the poster from the 2010 restoration, not from 1927, which would indicate copyright. However, I know there are appropriation laws regarding manipulation of original images. I'm not super concerned as this photo is very manipulated from the original and so far it's not being used for commercial work, but I'd like to know more about the copyright laws if anyone knows, for current and future reference.

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Taken on May 7, 2011