• This is the part that gets me. EEP! - .Ariel
  • Needs tartar control toothpaste.. - Glockoma
  • Could this be the goul dog from Ghost Busters? lol Great shot! - Maelanilynn

I swear he's a very sweet, gentle soul. Who could eat your Buick.

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We put on the flash, toss the ball, and see what we get.

We use these photos to keep the kids in line. Behave or Titan will eat you.

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  1. mezzography 85 months ago | reply

    AAWWW sweetest thing ever, those pictures with the little girl!

  2. emily2otters 85 months ago | reply

    it's a shame that only owners of big dogs with big teeth get so many nervous (and well-meaning) warnings about how "gentle dogs bit too!" my dog is an australian shepherd, a breed not particularly known for biting, who nonetheless does bite, has bitten, and will bite again if another $&^#$ stranger insists on petting him despite my warnings and attempted body-blocks. he's hard for people to resist: so cute! so fuzzy! wiggling his tiny little docked tail! he's happy! he wants me to pet him! i lose sleep over this... it's my job to protect people from my dog, and they SO don't want to be protected.

    see? don't you want to pet him too?


  3. DragonFly Studio 85 months ago | reply

    And he even smiles!

    You can only do what you can do emily. And it sounds like you sure do try. I used to work for a vet and all of the dogs that came in with behavioral "issues" were not any of the usual suspects: no rotties, dobies, shepherds, pits, etc., etc. I remember one was a Wheaton Terrier. They don't get much cuter or fluffier than that!

  4. Hudson Budson 85 months ago | reply

    He is a love bug. Give him a kiss from me.

  5. favoritepic 85 months ago | reply

    got here via dooce. love your mastiff. my husband wants one but your pictures are a bit scary looking!

  6. Yankees Man 85 months ago | reply

    Titan is actually far from scary. We get the "scary" pictures usually from his chasing/diving/lurching for a ball in mid-air. Just takes patience and a fast camera. Here is another one of how Titan is at home:

    The Make Up

  7. ninjapoodles 85 months ago | reply

    Yup, he's about as "vicious" as my poodle:

  8. Happy Galina 85 months ago | reply

    Holy Cow!!! That is the scariest dog I have EVER seen!! :-O
    But I can see how sweet & gentle he is. He is just precious!

  9. eye candy2 85 months ago | reply

    man that dog is big great shot next to your young one

  10. Christine Eaves 80 months ago | reply

    Yankees Man, I know its an old thread, but oh how I agree with your comments about dominant dogs. You only hear one side of the story when you hear how somone had been mauled by a dog. Did anyone stop to ask just what the dog been put through? Dominant dogs are not happy dogs and they need careful training to make them realise their pack order (the bottom of it!) and only then do they calm down. It makes my blood boil when I hear that they've been routinely 'put down' after such an episode.

  11. monkeyfinger 62 months ago | reply

    RAWR! !!

    What a beautiful dog. I love the idea of him eating an entire car :)

  12. SomeThingsIKnow 61 months ago | reply

    love this set!!!!

  13. Lloyd Swain 56 months ago | reply

    Holy Canine's Batman. What great shots and I can tell he is such a big baby... a pussy and a wuss... Ha! I bet you dont have many vandals or thieves in your neighborhood. What a gorgeous animal. He does need to have his teeth cleaned though. Take him to the vet and scare the crap out of them. LOL

  14. krissy Null :] 47 months ago | reply

    my dad has a masstif..i love the gooby head to death...hes sucha sweetheart...its just ALL THE DROOL that i cant stand!! :D really there is no such thing as a bad breed or dog..just bad owners.... :]

  15. mikatehgr8t [deleted] 41 months ago | reply

    what a beauty.

  16. ƒ/ 3.2 39 months ago | reply

    zuul, the gate keeper!

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