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The Medieval BrickWorld Chronicles Book 1 Chapter 20

"We found you guys!" shouted Zach.

"Zach!" cried Aleyna. She ran over to him and almost hugged him, but decided better of it.

"And-and Bartholomew!" she added, "So good to see you both are OK!"

The dark knight stared at the broken wall through which the two knights had just crashed in.

"MORE?!" he bellowed. With alarming speed, the dark knight bolted towards the newcomers, axe raised to strike.

But Zach was even quicker.

Seeing that Bartholomew and Aleyna were in great danger, he pushed them both out of the way as the dark knight tripped over a broken piece of the wall and sailed sky-high into another room. There was a sickening crunch as the evil warrior hit the ground.

"HA HA!" laughed Bartholomew, looking at Zach in admiration, "Thanks, Zach! You were amazing!"

"Truly," Aleyna agreed, beaming at him.

"Ah, well," Zach shrugged his shoulders, "Really, it was nothing."

"Nothing?!" Bartholomew said, "You saved our lives, Zach. Thank you."

The dark knight taken care of, the four knights and the princess continued on.



The Medieval BrickWorld Chronicles (MBWC)

Chapter 20

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