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HisStory Chapter 5: The One and Only Hand | by TheDoodlingDino
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HisStory Chapter 5: The One and Only Hand

Summary of Chapter 4: (You may skip this part and scroll down to where it says "Chapter 5".) Steve is now outside of the box. He has two Lego objects with him: a sword and a magnifying glass. He is curious about this new world and has a strong appetite for adventure. He notices that when placing the magnifying glass over an object, that object appears to grow larger, enabling Steve to see it in full detail. He then becomes excited to use the magnifying glass to see all the amazing things in this world more closely.


Chapter 5


I guess you could say Steve was a fairly "normal" Lego person. The only problem was that his left hand was missing. It wasn't painful, but Steve wished he had another hand. Then he could hold both the sword and the magnifying glass. The sword he had previously used was sharp and could, no doubt, help to defend himself against any possible predators that may lurk beyond the grass. But he wanted to use the magnifying glass to look at the world he was about to discover. He was disappointed that he could not bring both objects because of his one and only hand. This was quite a problem. Steve did not remember ever having a second hand, yet he knew all Lego men like him must have two hands. He had found this out by observing how his right hand was connected to his right arm and there was no left hand connected to his left arm. Very strange.


Maybe it snapped off somehow when I was in the dark, Steve thought.


So now he was faced with a decision to make: Bring the sword...or the magnifying glass.



Chapter 4: Steve the Explorer.


Chapter 6: Exploring in the Grass.


See the "HisStory" set.

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