Week 34: All Tied Up

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    almost SOOC except for square crop and a tiny bit of levels/curves.

    I take pictures of tied up dogs. I think it's fascinating the situations that people will leave their dogs in. There is *always* a dog tied up out front of Gordos, my taqueria, and Peet's coffee by my house, so the plan was to shoot Mac in one of those two spots. However, no dog was actually left unattended in the making of this picture. (Can you imagine!?)

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    1. greenkozi 87 months ago | reply

      Some of my recent #alltiedup shots from instagram.


      many of these shots were taken at the same place as mac's shot: #1, 2, 4, and 9 were all in the immediate vicinity.

    2. SpooAddicts & the SpooCrew 87 months ago | reply

      Love the POV...the door color is great with the leash color and the tile brings the colors of his collar......and then there is that handsome face!

    3. Sunflare Orange 87 months ago | reply

      Nice composition and perspective.

    4. gotsetters 87 months ago | reply

      Mac is so handsome sitting in that door stoop.

    5. pchorsedoc 87 months ago | reply

      love this, love the pose, the expression, the colors, the setting
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      the ORIGINAL 52 Weeks for Dogs

    6. Kate McLellan 87 months ago | reply

      Agreed on your comments. I didn't see it much living in Michigan, but it's everywhere in WA. Going grocery shopping, why not tie your dog to the bike rack for half an hour? Glad to hear that Mac didn't suffer any loneliness and the color looks great.

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      the ORIGINAL 52 Weeks for Dogs

    7. milikin 87 months ago | reply

      This has to be my favourite picture of Mac's 52 weeks so far.I love the way he looks, and the door in the background, and the POV. Really nice;)
      I would never, ever, ever, ever, ever leave Finn tied...outside...alone. Crazy?!

    8. jj bailey 87 months ago | reply

      Love the floor tile...great sho of Mac.

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      the ORIGINAL 52 Weeks for Dogs

    9. Missy2004 87 months ago | reply

      beautiful portrait
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      the ORIGINAL 52 Weeks for Dogs

    10. aenee 87 months ago | reply

      Great pov !!

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      the ORIGINAL 52 Weeks for Dogs
      Lily, off for a week to France on Wednesday

    11. Tracy N' Jiggs 87 months ago | reply

      Cool project! Mac is such a handsome guy - love that face!
      Tracy & Jiggs
      Seen in the group"52 Weeks for Dogs" ( ?² )

    12. sgv cats and dogs 87 months ago | reply

      Aww, I love his expression, cool shot!

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      the ORIGINAL 52 Weeks for Dogs
      Stephanie & Molly

    13. sgcallaway1994 87 months ago | reply

      Well one thing is for certain. We will never leave Max or Brock tied up unattended. Otherwise we'd have a law suit on our hands since these two bad boys like to bite! As for your photo I like the lighting and dof. He really does look all tuckered out for sure.

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