Dominican Aid Society, Jan 2011
Photo documentation of medical outreach trip to Paraiso, Dominican Republic. Jan 1-8, 2011.

SOMOS - William and Mary's Student Organization for Medical Outreach and Sustainability - is a collaboration between students and faculty. This group has been visiting Paraiso, a neighborhood in Villa Mella, Santo Domingo Norte, Dominican Republic, for the past 6 years. Through partnership with medical professionals and the use of ethnographic techniques, SOMOS is working with the residents of Paraiso's most disadvantaged community, Esfuerzo, in order to find solutions to the community's health-related challenges and to support the community in maintaining these changes.

SOMOS: Evolution of a Research Initiative

trip blogs from Dr. David Aday

The Dominican Aid Society exists to support this initiative and also works with VCU's HOMBRE effort in Paraiso.

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