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could you love me? | by Lotus Carroll
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could you love me?

could you love me?

all of me

even the parts

some people find

too emotional or flighty or

d a m a g e d?

could you love

the parts of me

that react poorly

when i'm in pain?

and would you love the

parts of me that are

s e l f i s h

and the jealous ones

and can you love

me even when

i am a bit immature

and very impatient?

could you find it

i n y o u r h e a r t

to love my whole heart

and not just the

parts of it you like,

those ones that

make you feel good and

that are romantic

and thoughtful, patient

or pretty or kind?

could you love me

if we were very different

in a handful of ways,

if I didn't believe in

the things that you do

or if i did believe in things

that you thought were

w r o n g?

would you love

all of me

even if i hurt your

f e e l i n g s

if I had bad days

or made you

a n g r y

or if we sometimes

seem a little

i n c o m p a t i b l e?

would you still love me

if I was reckless and

wild and a bit

c a r e l e s s

or if I cry sometimes

and feel sad

for no apparent reason at all?

would you still love me

if i made mistakes

and some bad decisions

or if I someday changed?

can you love me

all the way

without giving up?

can you love me

despite all my

i m p e r f e c t i o n s

would you

could you

will you still

love all of me?



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Taken on June 20, 2016