Brown Hawker (Aeshna grandis)
A large (73mm), fast and elusive hawker with obvious golden brown wings.

Males patrol open, sunny areas usually at a distance from shore either singly or in numbers seemingly non-aggressive towards each other. Individuals tend to follow a non-predictive course over a per-ordained territory.

They can also be observed hunting along sunny woodland rides and clearings. One of our most visually-striking hawkers in-flight, often gliding with their golden wings reflecting the sun. They rarely patrol in dull conditions, preferring warm, still days.

Females can often be seen ovipositing together, often utilising the same log. They are not shy of approaching close to shore, although are easily disturbed, and on occasions have even attempted ovipositing into an observer's boots!

Where there are several individuals sharing a roost the slightest disturbance causes a chain reaction where every individual in the vicinity rises in a confusing and striking display before resettling.

One of the most difficult hawkers to approach when perched and a constant frustration for photographers.
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