Common Club-tail (Gomphus vulgatissimus)
This is a medium-sized (50mm) dragonfly with both sexes having a noticeably clubbed tail. Specific requirements for slow moving rivers with plenty of silt and adjacent tree cover mean this is a local dragonfly, but can be abundant where found.

In common with most UK enthusiasts I've so far only encountered freshly-emerged or teneral individuals close to the site of emergence. In 2016 I intend to seek out the adults along the Thames.

From the little written the males patrol away from shore but frequently perch on bankside vegetation, although it's often quoted they disappear into the treeline. Besides the River Thames they are also resident on the Severn, Wye, Dee and Arun.

Despite having a reputation as scarce it's more likely that they're just under-recorded throughout their range, a problem which hopefully will be addressed with the introduction of the irecord app for mobile devices.
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