Migrant Hawker (Aeshna mixta)
A small (63mm) hawker preferring well-vegetated water bodies.

Males are frequently seen patrolling together with little aggression, preferring to concentrate their patrols around the reeded sections of a pond or lake. Probably the easiest of all the hawkers to photograph in-flight as they follow a predictive path and hover frequently.

Females oviposit into the stems of reeds and bulrushes and are frequently disturbed by males. Coupling usually takes place perched within close proximity, although if disturbed they will move a short distance still joined to a safer haven

Males and females can frequently be seen hawking together in great numbers in woodland clearings and water meadows during late afternoon and early evening if the temperature remains sufficient. To watch up to 50 Migrants feeding over a small area is one of the best dragonfly sights.
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