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ok, a confession/story: when i was growing up i used to spend a lot of time with my mom in thrift shops (charity shops) and second hand stores either buyingclothes or household items, and occasionally buying weird, random things that you could only find in thrift shops and second hand stores.


one day when i was maybe 9 years old we were in a second hand shop in stratford, connecticut and we found a weird, old black globe. honestly, neither one of us had ever seen a black globe before, so we bought it (i think it was $2.50, or less).

and now matter where we lived we always brought our weird black globe with us.

and thus began my strange obsession with weird, old globes.

i still quasi-collect weird, old globes. meaning: occasionally if i see a weird, old globe i'll buy it and put it on a shelf with a bunch of other weird, old globes that have been accumulating for decades.


here's my criteria for collecting weird, old globes:


they have to be weird. and, ideally, old.

they have to represent countries that don't exist anymore (like, say: rhodesia. or indochina. or the ussr. or east pakistan. etc).

or they have to represent things that make no sense to me (like, say: the moon).

somehow over the years i've randomly and accidentally ended up with a lot of weird, old globes.

and, self-involvedly and because i think they're cool and interesting,


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Taken on February 6, 2013