Dispensary Project - 2019
An exciting new thing is happening, and we're not sure where it's going to lead! Once again we are taking hold of God's hand to see where He will lead! Come along for the journey!

We have been given the opportunity to manage the local village dispensary. This is a vital heath care resource for the local village and for The Lion of Judah Academy. However, it had fallen badly into disrepair and neglect. People were no longer coming for their health care needs.

Since accepting the invitation to take over we have done extensive cleaning up and repair of the physical facilities. We have placed highly skilled people we know and trust in key medical positions. The quality of care has been substantially improved. We are already seeing restored confidence and trust among the local villages.

Next we want to upgrade the status of the facility from "dispensary" to "health care center." This is a major undertaking which will greatly enhance the ability to provide higher quality care to a larger number of people.
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