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    Lagoon's The Samurai consists of six radial arms that spin as the entire ride rotates through an oval arc in either direction. As centrifugal forces increase, the entire ride rises to a near-vertical position, gathering forces that allow each arm to freely rotate. The sensation of flying and performing loops is achieved in a smooth yet thrilling experience.
    To experience the Samurai, you must be in good health and free from heart conditions, neck and back injury, and other physical limitations. Prior to participating, guests are encouraged to observe the attraction in operation in order to determine its suitability relative to their own physical condition. Products Used in this layout: Weeds & Wildflowers SS8_SmartPages and Everday Life Kit and Holly McCaig Simplicity Paper. Elements were recolored. *****I was not having a good day at Lagoon 17June2011 - I had been sick to my stomach for most of the day and still in a lot of pain. Yet, as I saw Kate staring at this ride, I knew she wanted to go and I couldn't say no. As I sat there in line I was just praying I didn't lose my lunch - good news is it went fine - yes I shut my eyes during 90% of the ride, but I made it through with a fun mother-daughter memory.

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