Mr Ridiculously Photogenic Guy

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    Ridiculously Photogenic Guy
    Copyright: Will King 2012
    All Rights Reserved
    Originally named by Jessica Crouch
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    Will King: @TheKingOfGames
    Zeddie Watkins Little: @watkins_little
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    One of Yahoo!'s top 10 viral photos of 2012!
    The 4th most searched for meme on Yahoo! in 2012!
    Number 9 on TIME's top 10 memes of 2012!
    Featured on Good Morning America:
    First seen on Reddit:
    Watkins's AmA:
    See the photo in the November 1, 2012 edition of The New York Times!
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    Charleston City Paper:
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    1. kmaya2 36 months ago | reply

      great captured ... its not only the guy :D

    2. zgjpro1 36 months ago | reply

      1.7million, i am one of them

    3. cdate1994 36 months ago | reply

      this one:!/image/621326437.jpg_ge...
      from the forum:
      Lesermeinungen (3):
      Erika Fuchs (ntroP) - 11.04.2012 15:52 Uhr
      Wenn man dieses Meme (oder jedes andere) begreifen möchte, sollte man sich nicht bei Flickr umschauen.
      Die Show findet (wie üblich) auf 4chan, Reddit und 9gag statt.
      Übrigens: Wer übersetzt "ridculously" mit "verdammt" ? Gibt es da einen einleuchtenden Grund für?
      Erika Fuchs (ntroP) - 12.04.2012 13:37 Uhr
      ridiculous adj. ; irrwitzig, lächerlich, ridikül.
      Hätte man das meme "damn" oder "fu*****" "photogenic guy" benannt, sicherlich..
      In diesem Falle allerdings wäre "absurd" die bessere Wahl gewesen, wenn man schon dem Durchschnittsleser nicht mehr zutraut zwei Adjektive auf einmal zu begreifen.
      ristoph Wirtz (benutzer11) - 11.04.2012 17:19 Uhr
      Zitat: "Übrigens: Wer übersetzt "ridculously" mit "verdammt" ? Gibt es da einen einleuchtenden Grund für? " ? Zitatende.
      Der Grund dafür ist, dass es sich um die zutreffende Übersetzung handelt. (end)

    4. new.lad92 36 months ago | reply

      1.703.648 views / 184 comments / 858 favorites / 3 galleries

    5. chelseagirl 35 months ago | reply

      ha ha, congrats!

    6. Rita was here... 35 months ago | reply

      Smile, though your legs are aching... ;-)

      I can't believe the number of views...saw this on Facebook. Way to go!

    7. Bill Hass 35 months ago | reply

      Famous photos fetch fabulous fortunes?

    8. King_of_Games 35 months ago | reply

      And now pictures like this have started popping up:

      If the interest in this photo continues to hold stead into the next year I'm excited to think about the kinds of things I'll be seeing at the next bridge run!

    9. bhautik joshi 35 months ago | reply

      Hey @ ! I took the picture of Mr. Ridiculously Photogenic Asian guy above. The picture seems to have turned into a meme in it's own right. I was browsing online, and, weirdly enough, somebody had rendered it (by hand) as an oil painting.

      Go figure :P

    10. Lisa Shizuki 34 months ago | reply

      Why are all of those ugly people in the front blocking the gorgeous Zeddie Little?

    11. King_of_Games 24 months ago | reply

      Guess who was spotted again during the 2013 race:

      Amazingly enough I coincidentally snapped a photo of the woman running next to him in the original as well:

    12. kentsmith9 16 months ago | reply

      I created a group to showcase the individual images that have received over 1 million views. I would love to have you add your photo.

    13. peep the zeeb 16 months ago | reply

      And that's how it all started.

    14. patton_kay 11 months ago | reply

      How do I go about getting permission to use the photo on a blog? I know this has been shared tons but I want to make sure I am giving proper credit.

    15. Ben_Rea 7 months ago | reply

      you are a lucky man, I remember when this happened. Classic example of "Going Viral." Congrats.

    16. iamwoodrow 8 days ago | reply

      why is this photo so popular

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