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Keyport in May '12 SSB Magazine | by theKeyport
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Keyport in May '12 SSB Magazine

Keyport Slide V.01


KEYS AREN’T NECESSARILY A BAD THING, but they can add up quick and become a pocket full of nuisance. If the janitor’s look is what you’re aiming for then keep on adding keys to your chain, but for those seeking a sleek and tidy approach to key keeping the Keyport Slide system covers it.

The stainless steel sleeve houses up to six key blades or accommodates a configuration of options such as an 8GB memory stick, RFID (for “chipped” keys), bottle opener or LED light.


The Keyport’s small size and light weight make it a viable option for motorcycle applications and its immediate advantage is obvious—no more scratches on the triple tree from other keys bouncing around on a key ring. Each blade eliminates the large head found on traditional keys, thus greatly reducing size and weight. The blades are specific to each key type, but that’s not for you to be concerned with— the Keyport staff determines which blanks are required during the ordering process.


Setting up the Keyport Slide requires minimal effort—the biggest commitment involves a trip to the local key cutter. And the end result is worth the handful of minutes required to get the correct key blades ordered and cut. After downloading the application from the Web site simply place the keys you’d like to have in the Keyport sleeve on the form and snap a pic. The photo is then uploaded to the Keyport site for processing and the sleeve system and key blanks are shipped.


After having each key cut (usually about $1 per key) the blades simply slide into the sleeve and are ready for use. Note that automotive keys and other “chipped” keys require the RFID chip (provided by Keyport) to be installed in one of the slots. The initial setup takes less than five minutes, and other key blades can be swapped out in seconds depending on the application you need.

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Taken on April 25, 2012