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Burning Man 2011 :: Hexayurt Density | by thejaymo
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Burning Man 2011 :: Hexayurt Density

:: Looking for the Burning Man 2012 Hexayurt Density Map? :: check here!! ::



GeoEye‘s annual high resolution picture of Burning Man from the sky, taken on Thursday, September 1st, 2011.


Image: © GeoEye - GeoEye Satellite Image

Pls credit @thejaymo for the eyeball time ;)


A VERY conservative count reveals 494 hexayurts




I used the 30pt star stamp tool and marked each structure on the map in a new layer on the image.

I went round the camp in concentric circles. which allowed me to keep an eye out on inner / tracked circles that i had competed incase i missed any on the previous passes.


If i was to do this again i don't think i would use this me method, as it was easy to get lost, especially coming out of some areas of the camp that takes up two 'blocks' .


Instead i think would split the camp up in to the 16 quadrants of the camp and work from the centre outwards in each one.




There appears to be 2 main types of reflective material used. It would be interesting to find out which/what materials they are, as i assume they are both readily available from hardware stores around the states. perhaps the same material in name, but from differing chain stores?


One is VERY shiny, which results in a purple / white crescent reflective imprint in the areal image.


Due to the direction of the sun/shadow, you can make out the shape of these structures more clearly in the lower right hand part of the camp. Yurts toward the top left of the image can be identified by its reflective properties only, as some appear to be almost spherical in shape. But as the reflective fingerprint was very similar to those positively ID'd as hexagonal in the bottom right these were included in the count.


The other a slightly less reflective material which gives a white / grey refection and you can confirm completely the 6 sided structure / even make out the roof construction in many cases.


Some structures that are clearly hexayurts that are made out of ply wood or other wooden material have been included in the count: There maybe quite a few more of these. But i did not include any structures slightly larger than the average - I was worried that they maybe tents or some other type of structure


- There are also what appear to be tents made of a shiny reflective material. At first i thought these were yurts, but on closer inspection and much deliberation they give off a different reflection / shadow - a much more rhombus / quadrilateral shape. - there are quite a few of these clustered around the middle top left hand area of the camp.


- I notice that although generally being solitary structures, you do get clusters of say 5 or more hexayurts together. i imagine this as a community, or group of people that have all traveled in together?



Other Thoughts


I have never really looked this closely at an aerial photo before. there are many enjoyable quirks that i discovered when spending the last few hours or so looking down at humanity collected together.


One word messages written in the sand. 'NOW' is one memorable example -presumably written with the intention of an observer like myself to read.


Some camps but not as many as i would have expected seem to have drawn or scuffed the sand to mark borders, or territorial boundaries.


Informal tracks, walkways, and roundabouts that run though and across the camps that break with and stand out from the geometry/layout of the camp, but can only be seen on close observation of the camp.


i want to go to burning man

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Taken on October 23, 2011