Lego 1989 Batmobile

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    Recently Cpt. Brick posted his version of the 1989 Batmobile, in it he highlighted one particular area of his Batmobile that set it apart from other Lego models of the same car; he opted to make the front 7 studs wide instead of the usual 6 or 8 that most opt for including myself.

    His idea peaked my interest. I immediately started doing some research on the proportions of the original Batmobile and quickly came to the conclusion that he was correct.

    I knew what I had to do, I had to find a way to implement the correct proportions into my own 1989 Batmobile design. It took me an entire day to come up with a satisfying design but I am extremely pleased with the final result.
    I had to remake a lot of my original model but this also gave me the opportunity to change some areas that I did not like in my own design and to implement some of the newer pieces that Lego have released since. I also added the function to have the cockpit open up in order to make it easier for Batman to get in the car.

    I truly hope that you enjoy my latest rendition of this iconic Batmobile, feedback as always is greatly appreciated.

    Lastly I wanted to give Cpt. Brick a shoutout because without him this model would have never came to be so definitely give his page a visit, I promise you will not regret it.

    More images here;

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    1. NEMH 2 weeks ago | reply

      i truly have no idea how you've managed to outdo yourself, brilliant work. I really like how the 3 wide turbine came out

    2. PleaseYesPlease 2 weeks ago | reply

      That is spectacular πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯

    3. bricksfeeder 2 weeks ago | reply

      So great! I Think 7stud wide car is the most realistic size for minifigure! Will you make building instructions or a Brickvault Update? I am very interrested! 😊

    4. KaijuWorld 2 weeks ago | reply

      It took me a while to notice that it is 7 studs wide. It looks great and I especially like the entire back part of the batmobile. Great job :).

    5. Alex THELEGOFAN 2 weeks ago | reply

      Great car !
      It a liiiiiittle bit small BUT I liked it !

    6. The Incinerator14 1 week ago | reply

      LegoHobbitFan Thanks!
      NEMH Haha, glad to hear you like it so much :) It was quite challenging to get the turbine looking good within the 3 stud wide limit but I'm pretty happy with how it came out.
      PleaseYesPlease Haha, happy to hear it :)
      Bricks Feeder Thanks! Definitely agree with you, it is more challenging but the end result is worth it in my opinion. I already have a few vehicles in mind that i want to tackle within this new scale frame. There will probably be a Brickvault update if they are willing, will keep everyone posted.
      KaijuWorld Thanks! It being 7 studs wide is indeed not very obvious from looking at it but it is just enough of
      a difference to be more accurate to the source material. The back is also one of my favorite parts, those new 2x2 wedge plates are really ideal for creating the vents.
      Alex THELEGOFAN Thanks! The real car is actually pretty small as are most Batmobiles by the way it is just their dark appearance onscreen that makes them more menacing.

    7. DW Studios - MI 10 days ago | reply

      This is really beautiful. Great, clever use of parts, particularly those frying pans. Well done.

    8. Sir Doctor XIV 9 days ago | reply

      This is excellent! Will instructions ever come?

    9. dholden007 8 days ago | reply

      This is awesome, love the way the turbine looks. Will you build the White Knight Batmobile?

    10. The Incinerator14 8 days ago | reply

      DW Studios - MI Thank you very much, happy to hear you like it :)
      Sir Doctor XIV Thank you my friend, I have made PDF instructions for it. Brickvault are probably going to add them to the store if they are to their liking, will keep you posted if they do.
      dholden007 Definitely have plans for it certainly given that it shares many aspects of the 89 Batmobile just going to have to find the time for it. I have a fulltime job now so my Lego time has decreased drastically which is why I haven't been as active lately.

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