ABCNoRio Art Show - 2004
The first night Sascha and I met we stayed up all night talking about all the brilliance and complexity we suspected so many folks labeled bipolar held inside, and waxed grandiose 3 a.m. dreams about how great it would be to have an art show one day for..." I was about to say The Icarus Project, but The Icarus Project didn't exist yet. For misunderstood people like us who struggled with their personal breeds of madness but made visionary things"

2 years later we found ourselves obsessively designing a promotional postcard for "Radical Visions from Bipolar Worlds: An Art show and Community Gathering, brought to you by The Icarus Project, a community-based website and media project."

You really never know how your dreams can turn out until you try to make them happen. The show ended up bringing together the work of 40 artists whose lives were touched by madness in some form, as well as bringing together a whole cast of volunteers and Icarus Project support group members who worked together to pull the whole thing off.

The opening, which was held at ABCNoRio, a former punk squat and now an amazing community art space, was attended by so many people they couldn't all fit in the room at once. There was home-made miso soup and all kinds of food prepared by Food Not Bombs to keep everyone warm on a cold December night.
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