Anak Laut Goes to School
Living in big cities like Singapore and Jakarta, most of us can get caught up in the hustle and bustle, leaving us oblivious to other equally important matters though they could be something "nearby".

One of them is Suku Laut people, our close neighbour at the Riau Islands. Sometimes you can see them when you are catching a ferry from Singapore to Batam or Bintan Island. However, most of them choose to live in more remote areas. Studies about them are just as remote and the learning from some school text books when we were very young indicate that this tribe's lot does not seem to be improving. Why?

The same question raised the curiosity of THF volunteers. Hence, we decided to send a team to look into this.
What we found out were nothing less than shocking: The whole community do not know how to read. They do not even know how old they are. And this, despite the fact that a stone's throw away from where they live is a village with schools.

While there have been some effort from the locals to invite the tribesmen and women to study, nothing has worked out so far. But we won't give up easily.

THF will double the effort to send Suku Laut kids to school!
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