UPDATE: J. Eric Smith says:

"Jeebus Brought the Awesome to Albany" (Review)

Nippertown says:

"Be Here Now: Jeebus @ Savannah’s, 8/28/09

"OK, who the bejesus is Jeebus?

"Well, maybe you remember a crazy little Nippertown band named the Hanslick Rebellion? Sure, you do.

"Anyway, three members of Hanslick Rebellion – vocalist-keyboardist Jed Davis, bassist Mike Keaney and guitarist Alex Dubovoy – are now based in Brooklyn and they’ve teamed up with a couple of other musicians to form the “throbbing punk-metal” band Jeebus, who are making their Nippertown debut at Savannah’s in Albany on Friday, August 28.

"If the Hanslick Rebellion connection isn’t enough to get you out of the house and into the club, let me tell you who the “new” guys in the band are – guitar shred-master Reeves Gabrels (who used to play with David Bowie) and drummer Matt Johnson (from Jeff Buckley’s band).

"Sharing the stage with Jeebus at Savannah’s will be Third Assault, All Out Riot and your musical hosts for the evening, ska punks Smittix. "
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