Home Sweet Home

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    1. Noel Kerns 79 months ago | reply

      This is a screen shot from a Brady episode, right? Do you know what the current status of that house is today?

      Like so many others, I grew up with the Brady's...I have a 10-year-old son now who absolutely loves the show, and we have great quality time watching it together. The messages and storylines in the episodes are so much better for kids than the overly complicated offerings they get from contemporary TV today.

      Anyway, thanks for sharing your pics; it looks like you're doing great!

    2. bradtessly 78 months ago | reply

      My sister found cigarettes in her son's pants when he was in high school, and was a bit upset about it. I reminded her of the episode where the PTA woman was over, and Greg's friend's cigarettes fell out of his coat pocket. I told her it was probably her son's friend's cigs, she was not amused.

      I thought it was pretty quick thinking actually.....

    3. CarrouselGraphix 78 months ago | reply

      I grew up with the "Bunch" , it was my favorite show (heck it still is!!) When I was a kid I could not wait until Friday nite to watch the show. Up to this day I will drop everything I am doing if I am going through the channels and find the Brady Bunch on tv. I remember one Christmas in the early 1970s I got to choose a dollhouse for a holiday gift. The one I chose? One that looked just like this house! ;-)
      Great photo Greg! :-)

    4. agentmouthwash 74 months ago | reply

      I took a photo of the actual house about 2 months ago. I'll post it soon.

    5. CarrouselGraphix 73 months ago | reply

      Has anyone been inside the actual Brady home? It would be interesting to see what the actual interior looks like. I am sure the owners of the home are used to the traffic due to all the Brady fans that want to see the house.

      Greg...I mean Barry ;-) Have you ever had the opportunity to tour the real Brady house?

    6. Brady_bunchhouse36 66 months ago | reply

      I've got a whole flickr page-full of spec renderings of what the inside of this house may look like. For now, I'm afraid, it's as close as anybody's gonna come to getting inside the place.

    7. CarrouselGraphix 66 months ago | reply

      I seen your renderings, they are wonderful! Great job!

      I seen the house listed on Zillow.com, it is well over $1 Million. There are a few arial shots of it. There is a large addition on the back.

    8. Brady_bunchhouse36 66 months ago | reply

      Thank you, CarrouselGraphix!! :-) Can you believe that place is worth more than a million?! The house next door to it (the one we assumed was the Dittmeyer's) was up for sale for well over a year and was going for more than a million as well!

    9. CarrouselGraphix 66 months ago | reply

      You are welcome Robert Reed fan!! :-) If that house was in Mass it would be about 450 to 500K. The house was built in 1959, added on in 1960. It is 2,477 square feet. 5 bedroom 3 bathrooms. Now ...didnt the Brady kids share one bathroom? lol! How much did the Dittmeyers house sell for? The real estate is pretty high out there!

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