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The Heart Beat At home..


Well you might think for a while why this title .. its nothing to do with the shot. In fact it does … I was walking today in the garden when I found this nest a nest which I see everyday when I go there .. Till today I found the two little babies finally hatched honestly I couldn’t resist the way they were laying next to their mother, a scene that honestly made me feel that am in their place, a scene that made me feel the warm nice sweet mom’s hug.

Although the mother pigeon can fly away and let the babies but look How God created everything in this life, things that we learn from even if they are not human, the mother pigeon she could fly away when I was close to her nest but she didn’t I even could catch her with her babies with no problems at all.

God You created amazing things but we never think of them, we never even keep a certain time to look at other creatures animals, birds even insects and learn from them, Learn how to love each other how to be one community instead of being apart like how most of the families are these days.

They simply meet by chance somewhere in this life.

Anyway the subject is leading me away from what I wanted to say about mother.

Most of us they might think that any member of the family if they leave home its something normal and wont make any difference.

Believe me its makes a huge difference I know sometimes you fight with them you raise your voice on them and am sure 98% of you all doesn’t mean that, things happens in life like how it happens between a husband and wife they fight but still they Love Each other.

But how would you feel if your mother leaves your house, this is what I felt while looking at the pigeon today, My mom she has been really sick almost 4 weeks now.. She have been through a lot.. and whenever I come home it is really empty although there is no one except my parents and I at home, and I feel the house like a body without beats. That’s why I called this Shot “The Heart Beat at home” After I saw this mother pigeon not moving her babies no matter what.


Am so sorry for the long writing but what shall I do I cant stop myself.


Enjoy it


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Taken on December 10, 2007