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    And so we pass the halfway mark, and head into the third evening of Roid Week - my favourite time of year on Flickr!

    If you're an instant film person and you haven't already joined the group, do it right now, there's still time to be part of it all! And even if you're not - if you're at all interested in photography, you need to get down there & check out the amazing stuff people have been posting!

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    1. steven -l-l-l- monteau 31 months ago | reply

      those spirits ! how do they work ?? :)

    2. graflex45 31 months ago | reply

      Awesome colors!!

    3. Douglas E Pope 31 months ago | reply

      what is the secret behind the flames?! I'm always in awe!

    4. Nick Leonard 31 months ago | reply

      I want to eat that flame as if it's honey on a biscuit! So good, TGA.

    5. ~ Meredith ~ 31 months ago | reply

      What they all said to infinity and beyond :) Love!

    6. Joann Edmonds 31 months ago | reply

      Wow, wow, wow.

    7. The Gentleman Amateur 31 months ago | reply

      Thanks so much, everyone! I had quite a few disasters on the day I shot this one - two whole packs of film crapped out on me - so I'm glad something good came out of it!

      dfuster74, thank you, the reflections in that place are amazing, it really looks like another world glowing through....

      divinetailor, that's a beautiful thought, thank you! Though in reality there was more squatting than rising involved ;)

      mister sullivan, I'm not a morning person either, but Angkor sunrises are definitely worth getting up for! Though I have to be honest, this one was actually shot early afternoon, it's just the TZ madness that makes it look like sunrise.... I did do a sunrise one at an amazing bathing pool called Srah Srang - I might post it tomorrow, or perhaps after Roid Week, not quite sure yet....

      elin*, well, thank you! I will, if you insist.... *bows*

      daveotuttle, I am absolutely not worthy, there are & have been so many brilliant Pola-people! But I do think the SX70 is the best camera ever, and TZ is the best film ever - no doubt about that!

      steven -l-l-l- monteau, it's a mysterious business, for sure... and they don't always work... but when they do, my goodness, what magic....

      Douglas E Pope, thank you, there's no secret... sometimes they happen & sometimes they don't; sometimes they enhance a picture & sometimes they ruin it... There was a good discussion of them in last year's Roid Week, I'll see if I can dig it out for you....

      Nick Leonard, what a beautiful image, thank you! I know what you mean, I often feel photographs as a kind of 'taste'... polaroid is definitely delicious!

    8. bruce s 31 months ago | reply

      Spectacular shot. The reflection paired with the flames really makes this something special.

    9. * cate * 31 months ago | reply

      omg most original angkor wat photo ever. love it!

    10. Rangefinder. 31 months ago | reply

      Beautifully captured. A great area for photography.

    11. Parcelpacker 31 months ago | reply

      The Taj Mahal, Brighton Pavilion and somewhere in Bangkok all rolled into one package. Masterly sa'h

    12. SuperDewa 31 months ago | reply

      Beautiful. It's like it's painted in gold.

    13. Leslie R Adams 31 months ago | reply

      This is an amazing shot. That TZ film...sigh...

    14. Knee Bee 31 months ago | reply

      impressive one!

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