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Bergen Harbour

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I'm back from Norway and quite knackered! I have to say that Norway is incredibly expensive. I've actually found it to be more expensive than Denmark or Sweden. Perhaps it's just Bergen, but I'd have a guess that all of Norway is expensive, as all of Scandinavia seems to have a massively high cost of living. Going into a local corner shop or 7-Eleven, you could regularly pay 3-4 GBP for a small bottle of water.


On our first proper night in Bergen (I'm excluding when we arrived at 01:00) we decided to head up Fløyen, one of the seven mountains of Bergen and the easiest to get to due to its proximity and its funicular, the Fløibanen. Upon arriving up here, myself, Greg and Victoria set up to get some amazing photos. Sadly, it had rained all day and the sky was very grey and cloudy. We waited around for about an hour with no sign of improvement. In my last few posts, I have stressed the importance of waiting around for the light and weather to change. We heeded my advice (for once) and began to see a small spot of sun on the horizon. Not promising to say the least. Suddenly, within the space of about ten minutes, this band of pink stretched across the horizon and then hit the tops of the clouds nearest to us. It was certainly one of the oddest sunsets I have every seen, but still pretty spectacular.


We stayed up here to get some night-time shots of the city and even when it was pitch black here, you could still see some pink on the horizon. It was the sunset that never wanted to go down. Its persistance was admirable!


There is simply no way I'll ever catch up on your photos, but I'd like to thank everyone who commented while I was away; I have read every single comment and checked out the photostream of everyone who followed me. Sadly I do not have time to reply to every one individually, I wish I did.


If you want to see a brilliant night-time shot of this scene, plus my camera set-up, you can head over to Greg's photostream:


My camera set-up.


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Canon EOS 5D Mark II / ISO 100 / f/11 / 17-40mm @ 24mm

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Taken on September 9, 2011