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Pyramide du Louvre | by TheFella
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Pyramide du Louvre

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I'm now back from my first time in Paris. I have to say, what an amazingly beautiful city! The architecture is simply superb; second to none. I will have to go back some time. Sadly Paris is also quite smelly and very expensive, but these are minor points when compared to how photogenic the place is.


The large glass (and metal) pyramid is the main entrance to the Louvre Museum (Musée du Louvre). It was designed by I.M. Pei and completed in 1989. It was built as the museum could not handle the number of visitors with the existing entrances. You enter though this glass pyramid, descend into the depths of the complex and then ascend into each of the buildings surrounding the courtyard. The structure stands at over 20 metres tall and the sides are 35 metres long. It is comprised of approximately 673 glass segments.


It was the end of my second night and we decided to head back to the courtyard by the Musée du Louvre to get some night shots (I love museums). I was absolutely stunned by how fantastic the pyramid looked. It was impressive enough during the day, but at night time the view much more magnificent. As soon as I saw the reflections on the water, I knew I had to capture them. It's possible to get good, clear reflections on fast running water, such as a river, but almost static water like this was perfect.


I took a series of shots, all from different angles. I liked this head on shot, as the diagonals draw you into the image. I was tempted to post one slightly further back, so show the corner, but the reflection would lose some impact and I feel this almost gives you a sense of standing there yourself. I hope.


For those of you who like technical details, this was a seven shot HDR with the quickest shutter speed being 2 seconds and the longest being 2 minutes. This was about 5 minutes in total. Quite a long time to be taking a single image and quite draining on the camera battery. Luckily I brought three on my trip.


Detailed night shots are always best when viewed large on black. (Press L). Expect plenty more shots from Paris in the coming weeks. I shall try and catch up with all your photos as best I can.


I often dedicate my photos to various people and this time it's my parents, who absolutely love France and haven't been to Paris in a very long time.


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Canon EOS 5D Mark II / ISO 100 / f/7.1 / 17-40mm @ 17mm

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Taken on August 19, 2011