BIG 3D Mixed Media workshop 2020
I'm completely thrilled and loved giving my inaugural 3d Mixed Media workshop which took place July 31st through August 3rd - 2020. 5 awesome people for 4 days using a huge variety of materials and techniques I've been using in my own work and developing over the years. You can see my work at

and view the amazing work by each of these incredibly willing, adventuresome participants here.
Here's the description, in part: This workshop is all about materials and ways to combine them into 3-D objects. We'll be working with Tyvek, Fosshape, Wonderflex, Dura-Lar, wire, ink, plaster, acrylic, wood, metal, Vinyl, foam, rawhide more! I'll be showing you ways to hang the work from the ceiling, attach to a wall and how to build a free standing objects. This workshop includes several talks and a PowerPoint of artists past and working today, with various materials and installations, in exciting ways. We will look at the "why" and various concepts behind the work where applicable.

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