Capper & Capper

The sign on the former men's specialty store in the Loop at the corner of South Wabash & East Madison.




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  • FIRFTR911 6y

    My dad worked here for 40 years, until they closed.
  • nonnie248 5y

    My dad also worked here....for 50 years, retiring in the early 1970s. His name was Harold L. Snyder and he was one of Capper's top mens suits salesman all those years. They gave him a cashmere coat when he retired. One of his regular clients was Rev. Billy Graham. It was so wonderful to take the Illinois Central train in from our southern suburb, Homewood, and run up the stairs to see him. I was in Chicago last weekend. The sign is still there, but the space taken over by a jewelry store and a Starbucks. You can still see, however, in the middle the original stairwell and upper landing where we'd zoom up, my younger sister and I. The bank now has a covering over the original part of the building and butts up against the Capper sign. I hope the sign is never covered over. It helps to have this image.
  • FIRFTR911 5y


    My Dad is interested in talking to you, as he worked with your Dad for many years, and knew him very well. Could you send me your email address, and I will forward it to him?

    Steve (
  • aggmopery 5y

    Reading a family history, I noted that my grandmother, Alma Benoit, was engaged to be married to a Howard Capper of that firm - but broke that engagement to marry my grandfather, Joseph Hafner, in 1914.
  • TheeErin PRO 5y

    @ aggmopery Very intriguing!
  • jstkidbland 5y

    my great uncle worked there for many years...his name was Arthur Vigne
  • oopsdotcom111 5y

    My name is George H. Capper, grandson of George H. Capper of Capper & Capper Mens Wear. Recently I took a Longines pocketwatch out of my safety deposit box, where it had sat for over 40 years. The watch had been presented to my grandad on Feb 19, 1923. The inscription inside reads "Presented to George H Capper, Feb 19, 1923, by His Entire Organization, Extending Congratulations and Best Wishes". If anyone out there knows the occasion upon which it was presented, I would appreciate hearing from you. Thanks.
    George Capper (
  • fitzme62 4y

    Hi my name is Anna Fitzgerald and I worked at Capper's from 1981-1985 with my Uncle John, brother Tommy and cousin Mike Stanton so if you or anyone else remembers us please contact me. Would love to catch up with old Capper employees. Thanks Again Annie
  • sylvester33 4y

    i have a origenal hat from capper capper churchill ltd every one wants to know where it come from but the dont know about the store willing to sell
  • pcross2007 4y

    Does anyone remember Jim Backus? He worked at the store for some 40 to 50 years after WW One and he had many famous/notorious customers. He and his wife bought Mr Capper's country home on Lake Osterhont in Grand Junction, Mich and traveled home every weekend by train.
    I named my son after Jim. He was my uncle. Al Capone was a regular customer of his . . .

    Phil Cross
  • Light of the North 3y

    I miss Capper and Capper, they made the best women's suits. I still have some of mine.
  • patwmac 3y

    nonnie248 I remember Mr. Snyder! You guys lived across the street from the Laketa's didn't you? My brothers and I had to go over and help your dad out at his house when he was elderly. Mr. Laketa told us work hard for him. I remember there being an above ground pool in the yard. Your dad was a very nice person. My dad was Justin McCarthy!
  • kms1252 3y

    Does anyone remember the name of the woman's perfume that Capper and Capper selectively sold??? My dad went there for yrs, and bought it for my step mother( per Justin Mc Carthy- employee for many yrs.) and she loves it. Would like to get it for her now. Thanks. Kathie Sheetz
  • herbo5648 3y

    Does anyone remember Mr. McCarthy? My father was one of his customers and I bought my share of clothes form Capper and Capper as I entered the business world. My recollection was that Mr. McCarthey was white haired, very tall and had something like 8 children?? Anyone shed light on this.
  • pphillipsq1 3y

    Does anyone remember Gus Hoffman? He was the store manager when I graduated from Indiana University and started a Management training program for Hartmarx Corp who owned Capper & Capper at the 54 S Wabash Store. He was a great guy and really knew the retail business. He taught me so much.
    Patrick Phillips '83
  • nonnie248 2y

    Are any of the above people still out there? Since this site doesn't notify us when someone has comments, months, years go by before we see a response we would have loved to answer. I'll check more often and see if anyone returns. The sign is still there. The steps from the first to second floor still visible through a window, albeit an unwashed, untended window. Makes it all the more haunting.
  • Jean Chidley 1y

    My father was at Capper & Capper from when he was in college until he retired. Many familiar names listed above. My father was Bob Ratty.
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