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By Betty Usdan Zwickler from Hollywood, FL | by International Fiber Collaborative, Inc.
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By Betty Usdan Zwickler from Hollywood, FL

By Betty Usdan Zwickler from Hollywood, FL


Title of panel: "All Tied UP"


Dream Theme: Peace


Materials and Techniques:

Knotted left over yarn ends and knitted to form a square. I finished with crocheted edges, ribbon and crystals.


What is the story behind your panel?


"I have knotted together and knitted bits of leftover yarns from other projects. The black rows between the many hued ribbons and yarns serve to provide a certain harmony.


Just as the odds and ends have joined to form a cohesive new artwork, so too, "my dream" is for the coming together of warring nations (the sewn crystals) to find common ground upon to which build a safer, more peaceful and loving world.


These tied up loose ends serve as a metaphor to that end."





As the leading voice for collaborative public art projects around the world, the International Fiber Collaborative is dedicated to promoting understanding and appreciation of contemporary art & craft through educational experiences. We are committed to developing vital education programs that elevate, expand, modernize and enhance the image of collaboration and education today.



The Dream Rocket Team is collecting nearly 8,000 artworks from participants around the globe. The artwork will be assembled together to create a massive cover in which will wrap a 37 story Saturn V Moon Rocket at the U.S. Space & Rocket Center in Huntsville, Alabama. We will also be displaying submitted artwork in dozens of national venues prior to the wrapping of the Saturn V. Additionally, we are posting images of submitted artwork & their stories on our Website, Flickr, and Facebook.The Dream Rocket project uses the Saturn V Moon Rocket as a symbolism of universal values of the human spirit. Optimism, hope,

caring for our natural resources, scientific exploration, and harnessing technological advancements for a better quality of life while safeguarding our communities, are all common desires across national and international boundaries. Participants are able to express and learn about these values through this creative collaboration. With the completion of each artwork, participants are asked to write an essay explaining their artwork, and the dream theme in which they chose.


★How can I Participate & Have my Artwork Displayed?

The Dream Rocket project would like to challenge you to ‘Dare to Dream’. To dream about your future and the future of our world through dream themes such as health, community, conservation, science, technology, space, peace, and so on. We would like you to use your selected Dream Theme to express, explore, and create your vision on your section of the wrap. We hope that you are able to express and learn through this creative collaboration. With the completion of each artwork, you are asked to write a brief essay explaining your artwork, and the dream theme in which you chose.


“The Saturn V is the ideal icon to represent a big dream. This rocket was designed and built as a collaboration of nearly half-a-million people and allowed our human species to venture beyond our world and stand on ANOTHER - SURELY one of the biggest dreams of all time. ENABLING THE DREAMS of young people to touch this mighty rocket sends a powerful message in conjunction with creating an educational curriculum to engage students to embrace the power of learning through many important subjects”

-Neil deGrasse Tyson, Director of the Hayden Planetarium, New York



The International Fiber Collaborative is able to share the power of a collaboration and art, thanks to the support of generous individual donors. We welcome any amount of donations and remember the International Fiber Collaborative is exempt under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code, making this gift tax deductible.


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Taken on March 17, 2010