GIRI Capstone Conference 2017: Examining Neuroscience, Genetics and Inequality
On Tuesday, November 28, leading scholars and students enrolled in the Global Inequality Research Initiative (GIRI) seminar gathered to explore important issues related to race, genetics and inequality, how they are studied, and whether (and how) such studies should inform medical practice, criminal and other legal actions, personal identity claims, health disparities, and social policy. The Examining Neuroscience, Genetics and Inequality capstone conference featured a keynote address by Dr. Joseph L. Graves Jr., an expert panel including Dr. Brenda Reddix-Smalls and Dr. Misha Angrist, and student presentations. The Global Inequality Research Initiative is an interdisciplinary, vertically integrated research initiative that emphasizes a judicious application of mixed methods from the social sciences, both quantitative and qualitative, and the treatment of representation and identity from the humanities. Simultaneously GIRI serves as a clearinghouse for the best available data and research on group-based inequality.
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