Jojo's Closet Gallery - Jojo Baby's Artwork
Jojo Baby's artwork
photographed by Satori

Jojo's Closet Gallery
1579 N Milwaukee Ave
Chicago, IL 60622

Jojo does commission work

Jojo's artist Bio:

When it comes to nightlife and entertainment, Jojo has seen it all. Which is pretty fitting, considering that Jojo's lively demeanor, colorful appearance and eye-catching art make him one of Chicago's most visual and visible personalities.

Little known fact: as a child, Jojo wanted to be a priest. A stint at Quigley North Prepatorial Seminary deemed him "too theatrical" for the papacy. That's an understatement (although he did hone his hair sculpting skills for the stage for artists Cinderella, Judas Priest, UB40, Guns and Roses and others). Jojo's vibrant hair styling was even put to the test by Dennis Rodman, who hired Jojo as his personal stylist for two years during the peak of the former Chicago Bull's glory.

Already a figurehead at Chicago's nightclubs, Jojo's style sense eventually led to greater exposure. He's seen features in the Chicago Tribune, The National Enquirer, The National Examiner, Velocity and People magazine. Jojo has also appeared on television programs, including "Jenny Jones" (12 times), "Jerry Springer Show" (3 times), "Leeza" (3 times) and "Wild Chicago" (3 times), & Comedy Central's "Insomniac".

But Jojo's work extends beyond the human canvas. Jojo learned his dollmaking craft as the only student of the late Greer Lankton, who was part of the Andy Warhol Factory and worked with Jim Henson productions, applying feathers to the first Big Bird. She was a tremendous inspiration and a good friend.

Jojo's own intricately crafted dolls humor some, startle others and amaze all. They have been displayed at the Around the Coyote art festival in Wicker Park.

He's also shown them in doll/puppet shows that he holds with fellow artist and club personality, Silky Jumbo, with whom he has collaborated with on several magnificent performance pieces at some of Chicago's popular nightspot and outdoor festivals.

And here is the trailer for the upcoming film about Jojo.
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