• My Aquaman Underoos are in the wash, so plain grey stripes here
  • I hate this thing. But I love it too
  • I made this thing in 8th grade woodworking class
  • Battle scars from the Great House Paint of Aught Six
  • Titling/Captioning this pic (figure that one out)

365Days - Day 38 - At the Lappy486

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It's not a 386, but that is a reference to StrongBad's computer. If you don't know who Strongbad is, you are a dork. If you DO know who Strongbad is - you are a bigger dork.

Had to use the wife's PC since I was uploading video on the desktop...and it slows to a crawwwwwl when I do that.

  1. The Dread Pirate Betty 99 months ago | reply

    who doesn't know?

    the scroll the scroll the button the button taste so good like the butter on a muffin

    nice :)

    I say "my head asplode" when I have a headache and only a couple of my friends get it. lol

  2. Ron and Nancy 99 months ago | reply

    HAHA! I had a hunch you would be one of the ones who got it ;-)

    I'm scrollin' up high, you're scrollin' down low. I'm always late for school 'cause your moms drive slow. Ooooooooooooh!

  3. Travelinjim 99 months ago | reply

    just checking the email?

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