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24/52 | Do not let me see.

My heart is weakening, yet my faith grows stronger.


Update: Went to the cardiologist yesterday

(Monday). I have minor heart palpitations and there's

a very good chance I am hypoglycemic. I am presently

wearing a heart monitor and will be returning to the

clinic tomorrow to have it removed and have an ECHO

done. Sometime later this week I will be given the

glucose tolerance test, which I am not looking forward

to at all. Being poked with needles doesn't bother me,

but the thought of having to drink that sickeningly sweet

liquid is enough to make me vomit.


So, because of the hellish week I am about to endure,

I might be MIA. Of course comments/messages are

welcome, but just know that I will not be able to reply to

them right away. To those I have yet to get back with, I

apologize. When my strength returns, so shall I.


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Have a better week than me,



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