LEGO Olympic Minifigs 8909

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    Erhältlich ab Mai 2012

    Available only in UK - May 2012

    More information up: THE BRICK TIME

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    1. Logan McOwen 36 months ago | reply

      Is this for real?

    2. THE BRICK TIME Team 36 months ago | reply

      Yes, this is for real.

    3. Jeroen_K 36 months ago | reply

      They look extremely fake, but I don't know... Either way I'm not too excited about them.

    4. Gregorovich9 36 months ago | reply

      I can't make up my mind if these are real or fake. I hope they're real, though. Lots of nice parts there, especially that tan or bright light yellow ponytail.

    5. Panzy-boe 36 months ago | reply

      Doesn't seem legit

    6. The Acquaintance Crate 36 months ago | reply

      Its official, read Brickset people, and stop yelling 'Faek' because thats out of the question: They are real :D

    7. Sarah-Mitt 36 months ago | reply

      "No official word from Lego"

    8. The Acquaintance Crate 36 months ago | reply

      Well, there was no 'Formal' press announcement from Lego, but several UK retailers were given word about the figures, who then passed it on to customers.

      You can read the (non-offical) announcement here at Brickset.

    9. Sarah-Mitt 36 months ago | reply

      Still not 100% buying it. Maybe they are coming out but I doubt it would be UK exclusive since the Olympics are an international market. Some guy told me in a shop they are coming is not how Lego sets are announced. When has Brickset become the official word on sets?

    10. The Acquaintance Crate 36 months ago | reply

      Well, the talk of retailer's catalog convinced me, aswell as the images. The slightly off images, bad photoshop thats different than the images they normaly have in thier catalog....not so much.

      And it wouldn't be the first time that Lego has done sports sets. And , you are right, I highly doubt they'll be UK exclusive.

      And Brickset isn't the offical word, even they were wary of making the announcement, but they saw enough evidence to alteast make it known it might be a possibility.

    11. Sarah-Mitt 36 months ago | reply

      Um, you say the "talk" convinced you? More internet rumors? And where are these other images? I keep seeing this same bad photoshop one. Also seems odd that they are coming out in May, same time as the new series of mini figs, and the Games don't start until the end of July.

    12. The Acquaintance Crate 36 months ago | reply

      Well my wording made that sound drastically different than what I expected....

      What I mean to say in that first sentance (but inadvertently made sound wildy different) was that although the images have some characteristics that Lego catalog images have, but the bad photoshop has begun to convince me otherwise.

      There are no other images, that too was a result of my horrendous wording of that last sentence.

    13. Jeroen_K 36 months ago | reply

      What makes it very hard to believe for me is the fact that brickset said "Grab the picture while you can, I may be asked to remove it at any time."

      I don't believe that Brickset would ever post pictures that they aren't allowed to post as it could get them into big trouble. It sounds more like a way to try and spread this fake picture all over the web in order to make people believe that it's real.

      And also, when has LEGO ever presented their products on a horrible looking grey background and a big ugly (old?)grey plate... Even in a preliminary picture they don't do such things.

    14. {TheDynamicDuo} 30 months ago | reply

      Exactly there real WE BROUGHT ONE!!!!

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