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Smallest Zine In The World

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It's very hard to officialise this kind of claim in a subculture that often kicks hard against any form of officialisation, but as far as my research goes nothing even points towards anyone trying to make the smallest zine in the world. So in this case I'll make the claim, even if it may never be proved.

6mm diameter
10 leaves (incl. cover)
Alternating paper colour between neon pink and green.
Each page hand printed with DIY eraser stamps.
Double binding - glue and stitching - for strength

since the zine is so small I need to make a little bit of packaging for it, otherwise it is far too easily lost. I lost this one several times while trying to stitch the binding!



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  1. torsrthidesen.net 50 months ago | reply

    could u make it even smaller?

  2. Kemi & Niko 50 months ago | reply

    Yes and no. Any smaller than this and the zine would rapidly lose functionality. I could easily just cut this one down even more after it has been bound, but it would come at a significant compromise.
    I guess it's the worlds smallest still functioning zine.

  3. Laura Appleyard 50 months ago | reply

    Hello my friend how are you?
    This is ace. You need a photo of it next to a ladybug I think!

  4. Kemi & Niko 50 months ago | reply

    If I see a ladybug I will, but I haven't seen one in a very long time. Maybe the wind and the cold keep them out of town. I've been intending to send you some mail, and will soon when I have a moment of free time. I get very bogged down with writing so often of art theory that I write as little as possible in other areas, but I promise to send you a hand written letter one day in the near hopeful future...

  5. heymisspickle 50 months ago | reply

    how creative! I just love this minuscule zine!

  6. Laura Appleyard 50 months ago | reply

    Well, writing about art theory can bog you down! I will hope for a time when you are free.
    I haven't seen a ladybug for a while, either. One house I lived in they were buzzing all around the garden, but I have never seen them at this one... they do seem to like the sun, I will have to research them now.

  7. buechertiger 50 months ago | reply

    I found this today in my mail: The amount of detail in such a small thing is really amazing, and nice packaging, too. Thank you very much!

  8. fanzinepaper 50 months ago | reply

    The best! (Why a bigger zine if it's all said in this one?)

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