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The Guardian. | Faerieland Series

© Ashley Lebedev | Bottle Bell ™

Model: Joy (who looks just like a fairy) Phillips

MUA: Lacey O'Sullivan

Assis: Nita Shaw


Character synopsis, below. (as well as egg detailing)


[**Note: Sigh. Flickr has sharpened this to no end and, even 5-6 years in, I have not found a great fix for banding on internet uploads. If anyone is a PS guru, I'm all ears in that department. Calibrated monitors will fix that, but guess who doesn't have one? ::raises hand:: ::hangs head:: :p

And, I'm sooooo happy that I got to see this printed, yesterday. A 30x30, in print, no banding! I was nearly doing little cartwheels in a peasant dress!! It came out of the packaging and I was spooked. I know you guys (when you print your own work/see it for that first time) know what I'm talking 'bout.



It's that happy moment where it's finally something physical.


Anywho, beyond all of that, It'll be up on my website, without much of that, momentarily**]




About this image:

Well... It's Faerieland and this was bound to happen, wasn't it? You bet it was.

Any of you who have known me for more than a blink know that I'm in love with dragons. I was looking for them all over Europe.

For me, it's all just great depression and dragons. (boy do i know how to party or what. you should see my 'props' room. ;)


A little bit of the backstory on this character (who will likely be recurring next year) :


"The Guardian"


The idea for this character sequence was born a long time ago.

I really liked the idea of a woman (likely royalty or someone of great importance) setting out on a long journey, over a great period (both in time and distance) as the protector of this egg, as it's guardian.


I wanted this to be almost like a secret and royal envoy, or an official delivery of something so important (this one egg) and so I decided to add an element of a royal presence with the official dragon stamp upon the egg, itself. (Detail shot of that, below).


Now, I know what you are thinking:

Q: "Ashley, if there's a dragon's egg, will there be a dragon?"

A: ::shrugs shoulders:: ;)


I cannot even begin to describe how much work went into building that egg (there are actually veines/vines growing in and out of it, and the stamping itself was insanely challenging as well)


It's been verrrrry fun writing a darker fairytale and anything can happen. I'm praying the weather holds here in the (beginning to get frigid) midwest just long enough to shoot 4 more characters this season. I know that's ambitious but, hey, why not. (The leaves are already turning, and nights already freezing).


Ps. In other news, I was also very recently featured on My Modern Metropolis for my "Dust Bowl" Collection. If you feeling like seeing my work a bit larger, please check it out. :)


I have another major feature coming out, with a couture fashion label in the coming weeks, but I'll keep that under wraps for just a bit longer.


Ashes x


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Taken on September 22, 2011