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© Ashley Lebedev | Bottle Bell ™


I'm back from the edges of the Earth, just momentarily. Just long enough to post this. And it was time for a change. A blonde one. And then it goes without saying - a self portrait was in order.


Sooo sooo soo much has happened over the last year. (deep life sighs)


All I can really say about this image is that I don't think images like this one can be created without a significant life experience to go behind them. Self Portraiture continues to be (for me, but i'd venture to say everyone) a ridiculously accurate hymnal; a veritable diary.

If I turned myself inside out (like one might with a pants pocket) this is what I look and feel like on the inside, this year, nearly verbatim.


Mix that with, say, a symphony and I think you've got yourself a nice narrative.

I'll leave whatever that is, like all of my work, open to interpretation.

Above all, I hope it inspires you.

My work is so much more beautiful if it can do that.


(And I hope it haunts you. ;)


Sorry I've been so bad about posting here the last year, but life happened, over and over again.

I've got so much work coming out of the gate, and even began a new collection (back in May-ish?) called: "Dustbowl" in which I am recreating...::drum roll please:: ... The Great Depression.

Sneaks from that (only 1) can be found on my facebook 'fan' page.


I've committed myself to posting over here again, on a very regular basis. ::affirm, affirm::

My creativity comes in waves and my break over the last year was me going out and refining my voice. I hope in my new imagery and new collections like "Dustbowl" (1st contemporary style collection), you can see those experiences.


I hope all are well!

I have a lot of streams to catch up on.


Ashtree x


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ps. While traveling (still not stateside and don't know when i will be) I received word that I made the 2012 BLUE CANVAS CALENDAR. That's a fantastic publication and a great honor. One of the greatest feelings I've known as an artist (beyond the process itself) is walking into a giant, national bookstore and finding my work on the shelves. I will never forget the first time that happened. It was ... incredible.


I don't know the details yet, but will post them when I do. :)

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Taken on August 9, 2011