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"Faerieland" Series | Brownie Sequence | Version 2

© Ashley Lebedev | Bottle Bell ™


Model: Rae Weisz (ANTM)

MUA: Lacey O'Sullivan

Photography: Myself

Set Design: Myself || Waunita Shaw


well, welcome back to faerieland! :)

spring arrived sooo late this year, with winter just refusing to head outta town. in the midwest, we are literally only about 3 or 4 days (now that it's mid MAY) into nicer weather, with freezing rains and even snow as recent as last week, out here on the farmstead.

and, I'm happy about this spring finally arriving, because now I get to get back outside and shooting. (let's out 8 month sigh)


this idea (a brownie) has been in the works (within me & in my inspiration journals) for right around a year and I'm so happy w/ the results.


the idea was (as I've said before w/ Faerieland) to create a darker storyboard about a girl scavenging a nest. she'd be dirty, disheveled, etc...


of course I immediately decided I wanted to actually build a human sized bird nest. i also wanted it to be beautiful, but eerie. (this is a perfect representation of how nature is) and so I decided to first build an egg and then to crack it open and have the brownie eating out of it, quite literally like she does this everyday, mischievously and a bit devilishly.


when it came down to what to have the substance of the egg be, of course honey was an option (but too sticky for a shoot) and so the natural option was...egg. (a lot of them!)


the egg & nest both took over a week to 'build' and are still sitting out in the woods of my property. we (my team that day) joked while shooting that this was a dinosaur birds nest of some sort, since it really is a site to behold (giant).


i have 6 characters fully designed to shoot in the next 6 weeks, and i really hope you like them. :)

my plan (and hope and dream and desire x10) is to have faerieland available in book form (think a very dark fairytale) by years end. there are just so many characters that'll pull this entire world together. some are gorgeous, some are very dark, some are metaphors. i love them all, and this collection continues to be 1 of 2 that are currently making up my heartbeat.


Behind The Scenes, Here || Two more images from this shoot


ps. my group exhibition "Center Forward" opened in Colorado the last week or two. If you've time or are in the area, please drop in and let me know how it looks. They are featuring my 'Summer Hymnal" Series. ;)


Ash x


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Taken on May 9, 2011